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Posted by on Oct 20, 2012 in Ethics, Featured, Morality | 0 comments

No Right to do Wrong

No Right to do Wrong

No one has a “right” to CHOOSE what is RIGHT.  In other words, what is RIGHT, is RIGHT, whether a person likes it or not, whether a person chooses it or not.  What is WRONG…is WRONG…even if the person chooses it.  So to suggest that a person has a right to choose what is RIGHT….for….THEM….is a problem.

Abortion is wrong!  It’s wrong for me.  It’s wrong for you.  It’s wrong for the couple in poverty, it’s wrong for the single mother living in a Manhattan Condo.  If someone wants to argue that they have are free to choose what is WRONG, then that’s completely accurate. Except for where the “right” to choose wrong infringes on a child’s ACTUAL RIGHT to live.  Pro-choicers really need to get a clue.  The world doesn’t revolve around their beloved “right” to kill in the interests of their own convenience.

Of course, the cornerstone of this problem is that people don’t understand that right and wrong have absolute values.  Undoing that problem relies on education, and communication.  If we are not making a concerted effort to teach our children (or young relatives, if you have no children yourself) what is right, what is wrong, why it is right, and why it is wrong, and if we are not teaching them that right and wrong are not negotiable, it’s the same as subjecting them to the mental slavery and moral confusion of relativism.  We must teach our children!  They want the truth.  They want to hear it.  Let them have it.

In addition, we must also communicate, without fear, that which is right and wrong.  Don’t be shy, and don’t be afraid of telling people that abortion is wrong.  Don’t soften it by saying “I don’t personally believe in abortion”.  Just say it straight out, “Abortion is wrong.”  If you want to be even more charitable there are plenty of ways to follow that statement with some clarification, and that’s an honest way of “softening” the rough edges without compromising the truth.  We must be kind, but we must be truthful.  Our kindness cannot come at the expense of the full, clear truth.  The truth should not be mean, but it must be clear, uncompromised.

Finally, we should never underestimate the power of prayer; specifically the Rosary.  Pray for the truth!  Pray to know it, pray to hold it, pray that the world does the same.  It’s not impossible.  Difficult perhaps, but not impossible.  Especially when you bring the power of the Rosary to bear on the problem.  Pray.  Offer sacrifices (fasting, etc) for your prayers.   Pray for the truth to re-emerge in the world.  And it will!

God be with you

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